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Designed for use with SCRABBLE® Brand Crossword Games

Webpages for boards & board/timer combos (in PRICES menu above) have been taken OFFLINE (temporarily).

Update : - as of September 03/2014

Simply put ..... We have used up our supply of plastic grids faster than we had projected (or even anticipated).

We are working to resolve the issue, and are anticipating our new supply of grids to be ready soon. We will post an update here (as it comes to us).

NOTE: Adjudicator 3000 & 3500 timers are still available via PayPal, money order, or personal check (North America ONLY). See PRICES menu above.

We apologize to our valued customers, and we thank you for your patience.

Sincerely ............. Gene Tyszka

Adjudicator 3000 Game Timer Adjudicator 3000 Game Timer Adjudicator 3500 Game Timer
Tile Racks
Adjudicator 3000TM (grey) Adjudicator 3000TM (black) Adjudicator 3500TM (grey) Extra Long Non-tipping Tile Racks
Fold Up Board Acrylic Board Tile Bag Deluxe Board
Fold-up boards Acrylic boards Tile Bag Deluxe boards